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Company Overview

National Risk Services, Inc has been providing innovative insurance services to insurance carriers, MGA's, and agencies since 1993. NRS is a privately held company whose investors are involved in daily business operations.

NRS provides a vast array of field services such as premium auditing and property inspections. We have the ability to provide workers compensation, general liability and fleet audits along with a tremendous number of personal lines and commercial lines loss control inspections.

Something that NRS has just recently begun providing to the insurance industry is data collection, statistical analysis and data mining services. NRS now has the ability to collect data from field surveys and provide that data by itself, or along with specialized management reports. This assures that you are looking at an accurate picture of the types of risks that your company insures. NRS can work with you and your underwriting team to design specialized forms to match the needs of your companies specialized product offerings. NRS can even assist your other field inspection vendors by providing just the data collection services while they continue specializing in field services.

We handle each report on a case by case basis, ensuring the most accurate quality and professionalism while maintaining industry standard time service and reasonable pricing.

If you feel that NRS could provide a service for your company that is not listed in any of these pages, please feel free to contact us at Sales. Due to our constant innovation, things change quickly around here.

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