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"Data Overload" is probably the best way to characterize today's business world. Data is being captured everywhere today, even when we check out from the grocery store. Unfortunately, no team of human beings has enough time to shift through all that data to find the overall trends or nuggets of information that will enable them to benefit from this data.

"Analytics" refers to a collection of automated techniques to analyze your data, assist you in making business decisions and gain insight into your business. "Analytics" comes in two main flavors: Modeling and Data Mining.

Modeling, which combines data into mathematical formulas, can help you make better business decisions, identify important trends in your data, and automatically determine which customers are your best risk or who are the best candidates for a marketing campaign.. Data Mining, which searches through large collections of data, can help you detect hard to find relationships that can be very profitably be exploited.

Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, combines the ability of computers to display graphics such as maps with the ability to manipulate large sets of data in databases. A GIS system allows you look at your business data in combination with geographic data and gain insights that previously were not possible.

The Analytics Group at National Risk Services, Inc can provide you with GIS expertise and services, Data Mining services and statistical Modeling.

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