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Insurance Inspections

Field Inspection Services
National Risk Services, Inc has been providing insurance inspections (also known as field inspections or loss control surveys) and underwriting support services to the insurance industry since October of 1993. At that time it was difficult to apply technology to enhance property inspections but we managed to use Optical Character Recognition and high speed scanners to be on the forefront of inspection automation. Today we use a forms processing application called FOCUS. We have written FOCUS from the ground up to not only enhance the insurance inspection process for our clients, but to simplify the inspection process for our field staff. FOCUS has been designed to allow us to make rapid form changes on the fly and collect only the data that is important to our customers. This data is stored on behalf of the NRS customer to allow for data mining and reporting. This data can also be given to the client to do their own data analysis if desired. All insurance inspections completed by NRS can be returned to the client electronically as text searchable PDF documents, or in paper form depending on the customers requirements. If you would like to see a demo of Focus and how it is changing the face of the property inspection industry, please contact our sales department today.

Many people do not fully understand the importance of the insurance inspection and how it relates to the insurance companies underwriting process. These insurance inspections are often used to verify the home being insured not only exists at the address on the policy and that there are no liability or other hazards that exist on the property that could cause the homeowner (personal lines, residential inspections), business owner (commercial lines, commercial inspections) and/or the insurance company unnecessary exposure. In other words, the inspection is used as an underwriting tool to minimize the potential of an insurance claim and to verify that the information collected at the time of application for the policy is correct.

Another time that field inspections are very important is in the case of natural disasters. Natural disasters are an unfortunate reality that we must live with. From hurricanes, flash floods, tornadoes, monsoons, earthquakes, brush fires and many more. The insurance inspection is used in conjunction with other underwriting tools after the fact to help determine the damage to the structure and accurately estimate the cost to repair the residential or commercial property. You would need to check your particular insurance policy along with it's coverages and limitations to know exactly what is and is not covered. It would also be a good idea to discuss coverages and coverage options with your insurance agent or insurance professional.

National Risk Services, Inc has hired and trained field inspectors in the states of AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN  and VA to ensure a quality insurance inspections at a reasonable cost. Our field inspection services come primarily in two forms. They are personal lines inspections and commercial lines inspections. Please use the sections below to find our more about the field and data services we offer in these areas:

Please make sure to visit our data collection and analysis pages located on this web site. There you will find out about many value added services that can be provided by NRS. These services can assist your underwriting staff in many ways, along with saving you and your company valuable time and money.

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