12/4/2020 11:49:42 PM  

With a primary focus on premium audit, field inspections and underwriting support services, it is our challenge at National Risk Services, Inc to make our customers feel as though they are utilizing their own staff.

We concentrate on the needs of our customers whether it is staffing their department, doing fieldwork, or handling sensitive dispute items. Our "Total Audit" concept has become popular in the industry, whereby companies outsource the entire audit department function to company. We find that this is a cost effective way for us to meet some of our clients needs for handling the entire premium audit and loss control process.

Another innovation found exclusively at NRS relates specifically to our property inspection and underwriting support services departments. This product lineup allows us to gather data from all of your inspection reports and return not only the completed to your company, but the data as well. This has also become a popular trend, especially with the personal lines policies where a company can now write queries to find out exactly what their book of business looks like. We even have the ability to perform statistical analysis on our own inspection data, data you provide, or data we gather from other inspection vendors whom you have chosen to do your fieldwork.

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