10/1/2020 4:44:19 PM  
Premium Audit
Physical Audits

Physical Audits can be completed by our professional staff of premium auditors in the states of FL, SC and GA. However we can handle national accounts through our network of highly professional auditing firms. By letting us handle all of your premium audit needs we can ensure an accurate, complete and timely product all from a single source, with the same consistent look and feel. All of our automated audits are easy to read and follow because we tool the time and money and invested it into building our own custom audit processing system. The system also has many built in automated review checks. Our full time review staff carefully review each and every audit for content and accuracy.

All of our field staff has voicemail boxes for 24-hour access.

Customers can order electronically through downloads from their own policy management or policy issuance systems, or by using our automated ordering system. Ordering manually is also easily done via USPS or facsimilie although ordering via these methods usually make a three to five day difference in time service. Our IS department is happy to work with any of our clients to assist in making electronic ordering a reality.

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